Moroku PR Case Study


Moroku, at the request of AEVI, required a global press strategy to maximise their coverage and improve their presence in the US and European markets.

  • Client: Moroku
  • Skills: Strategy, Copywriting, Distribution.
  • Website:

We were tasked with producing a joint press strategy to announce Australian-based Fintech Moroku’s strategic partnership with German payment service provider AEVI. We worked in collaboration alongside Moroku’s marketing team to create a compelling press release, and integrated distribution strategy, to maximise coverage and impact worldwide.


Our dedicated team of expert copywriters compiled a concise and compelling one page press release. Once the content was finalised, our PR professionals set about generating a buzz around the announcement across our broad range of contacts throughout Europe and the Americas. We liaised at all points of the process with Moroku via weekly checkpoint meetings to align our strategy with theirs, and ensure a successful joint global release.

We utilised our four-point approach to distribution, which has been proven to maximise coverage in relevant publications and generate traction across press and social media. This includes:

  • Paid Distribution
  • Targeted industry specific Press Lists
  • Existing media partners
  • Targeted Journalists with a noted or Historical Interest in the client/subject

As part of our distribution, targeted follow-up calls were made to the most influential journalists who we have developed a close working relationship with. This personal touch helps to secure coverage and arrange future interviews/meetings.


We reported all results including, pick-up numbers, reach and article placement links to the client 48 hours and 1 week after the press release went live.

The following is an overview of the success of the release

Colin Weir, CEO of Moroku had only one word to say-  “Success!”