AEVI Social Media Case Study


In June 2017, AEVI attended Money 20/20 Europe, one of the world’s leading Fintech conferences.

  • Client: AEVI
  • Event: Money 20/20 Copenhagen
  • Skills: Social Media, Interaction, Brand Awareness
  • Website:

AEVI needed to stand out from the array of Fintech’s present in a way that was different and engaging to industry influencers, potential clients and key attendees at the event. In an era of oversaturated social media, AEVI required innovative content to increase engagement and reach whilst promoting their attendance throughout relevant online communities.


Our team of social media specialists set to work devising a comprehensive strategy that integrated three distinctive campaigns that were targeted at three separate types of attendee. This ensured that AEVI were constantly targeting a specific and relevant audience with every post and interaction.

We utilised three key social media channels, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, each requiring their own unique approach. Each post was designed around the specific channel it was targeted to, this included tone of voice, media use, hashtags and links.

Each site was strictly monitored throughout the event to ensure all content was aligned and was generating the necessary interaction. The importance of conversation on social media was not overlooked. Our team spent time at the event conversing with others via their social media profiles that were either in attendance, or talking about the event online.


As a direct result of our Money 20/20 campaign, AEVI’s reach across all channels increased by 31,000 compared to the previous week. Additionally, reach increased by 100,000 over the quarter with an engagement rate increase of 15% and 753 of all sessions on the website acquired through social media.