SEO Training

You’ve spent £1,000’s developing a swanky new website, with all the juicy information your customers are going to need to buy your game-changing FinTech solution, but where are all the visitors?

Getting your brand to appear at the top of internet search rankings is essential for brand visibility and driving potential customers to your website, and knowing just how to get it there is even more so! We have partnered with one of London’s leading SEO specialists, Danny Richman, to bring you SEO training courses and workshops designed to give you the knowledge to understand the true power of SEO, and begin implementing effective SEO strategies of your very own.

Danny’s courses are tailored to help you understand the importance of SEO and start achieving SEO results for your brand.

  • Understand what it will take to make your website rank higher on Google

  • Learn how to find the best keywords for your website

  • Learn how to beat your competitors on Google

Danny Richman

Danny Richman

SEO Consultant

Danny Richman is an SEO consultant and mentor with more than 20 years experience advising and working for companies to help develop SEO skills and strategies.

As well as running private SEO workshops, he has over 15 years experience as an online marketing consultant and conference speaker.

Danny is also a graduate in Behavioural Economics at the LSE (London School of Economics) and an approved consultant for United Kingdom Trade & Industry (UKTI) and Enterprise Nation.

To find out more about how Danny’s SEO expertise can help transform your businesses online performance visit his website or get in touch with us.

Check out Danny’s expert SEO insight by following his blog here.

“Pitched perfectly and not technical. Help us realise how powerful SEO can be”

“We were impressed with the training. It was pitched perfectly and not technical. It was really good to be given examples in a Bank context which made it easier to digest and remember, and we now realise we need to determine an SEO strategy for our website. We will be inviting Danny back in the future to provide training for others on our team as we believe it will be useful background knowledge to help them realise how powerful SEO can be.”

Karen HartBank of England