Your target customers need to see your brand and understand who you are. Everything else you do to influence and persuade your market is based on the quantity and quality of attention you command. Let’s work together to get you on the radar and build recognition and trust.

Increasing awareness is not a simple game of fame: you need to know who your target customers are, where they are, and what information to put in front of them at the right time. In an era of information overload and attention scarcity, it’s critical to get the match right between the audience and the message.

Winning attention effectively is about understanding your audience and connecting their interests, needs, struggles, and desires with the value proposition of your offer. This is the domain of content marketing, display advertising, and paid social media reach.

Adastra’s Services for Awareness:

  • Market research and audience targeting
  • Brand design and website development
  • Social media management and paid reach
  • Display advertising
  • Content marketing for SEO

KPIs: Impressions CPM (cost per thousand impressions) Reach Email Deliveries


To take a customer from recognizing your brand to actually taking out their wallet is a journey which includes multiple channels and building up a persuasive and memorable message over multiple snippets of attention.

The key to a prospect moving from recognizing your brand towards a purchase is to move their attention onto the solution, i.e. the products or services you are offering and how they are delivered. Nowadays you need to change around the mindset from bombarding customers with offers, to empowering them with useful information in a way that’s easy to consume, so they are are more likely to take action when the time is right for them.

Adastra Services for Influence:

  • Sales collateral creation
  • Paid search campaigns
  • Product / service launch campaigns
  • Press releases and press relations
  • Industry media placements for native content

KPIs: Cost per Click Engagement Rate Email Opens and Clicks


The core of your marketing activities and the lion’s share of the resources should go towards winning new business. This means building the funnel of interested prospects and leading them through capture and qualification steps towards a sale.

It’s rare to see business models where prospects can be acquired and converted instantly from a cold start. This is why your lead capture and conversion campaigns need to be connected to your awareness and influence groundwork. We work with you on audience, positioning, and coordinated messaging so that you maximize the results of sales-oriented campaigns.

Talk to us about Go-To-Market campaigns, where we work with you to define an entire contact-to-cash proposition, including market research, solution collateral, digital lead capture campaigns, remarketing, and automated follow-up messaging.

Adastra Services to Increase Action:

  • Direct response email and advertising campaigns
  • Content-driven campaigns for lead capture
  • Trade show exhibiting project management and support
  • Email content for automated prospect follow-up

KPIs: Tracked Conversions Conversion Rates and Optimisation Cost per Lead Cost per Conversion


The most efficient and profitable sales you make are to your existing customers. Build a system within your business to market to your customers within a mutually beneficial community. This isn’t just about sales offer newsletters: your customers are an invaluable source of ideas and feedback for continuous improvement and remaining fresh and competitive in your market.

Adastra Services for your Community:

  • Developing reviews and producing case studies
  • Campaign design and execution for upsells and cross-sells
  • Brand monitoring and reputation management
  • Voice-of-the-customer programmes
  • Email content marketing

KPIs: Customer Segmented Impressions Email Readership Net Promoter Score (NPS)