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Wow! What an incredible couple of days we had in Copenhagen at this year’s Money 20/20 Europe. It was great to attend one of the biggest events in the Fintech calendar, with over 3,500 attendees, from 1,500 companies, and see all the fantastic innovations Fintech’s best and brightest had to offer. We also really dug the Super Hero theme!

If you didn’t manage to get there this time around, never fear, Adastra is here! We shall leave you in the capable hands of our very own Fintech Marketing Superhero, Amelie Arras. Here are some of her highlights from this year’s event.

My Round-up of Money 20/20 Europe

Hi guys, now that I’ve finally recovered, I’d like to share with you some of the companies and innovations that made a big splash during Money 20/20.

There was so much to see and do at this year’s event, but the one theme that stood out for me was OPENNESS. From new Fintech innovators,

such as AEVI, to more traditional incumbents like Barclays, openness was at the core of everything. We have reached an important crossroads. It is one where openness and transparency is no longer viewed by incumbents as a threat, but as an opportunity. If you get a chance, I’d recommend catching Carlos Torres Villa, CEO of BBVA’s, keynote on the importance and potential of open banking platforms (I promise you it’ll be worth it).

When I wasn’t talking to someone (or listening to someone talk about) openness, the conversation almost always turned to REGULATIONS. More specifically, PSD2. We are less than a year away now from the introduction of the transformative European standard, but still no clearer to truly understanding what it will mean for the industry. Start-ups and established Fintech firms alike will need a clear strategy if they are to successfully navigate the potentially treacherous regulatory waters. So, you know, come and talk to the experts * cough, cough*. That’s us by the way.

Did I here you ask about BLOCKCHAIN?

Good, because everyone’s favourite crypto-currency was prominent again over the three days. As the transition to a cashless society gathers pace, there was a lot of talk around the importance of commercialising Blockchain and keeping pace with the latest regulations around virtual currency.

That creative bunch over at Fintech Finance introduced a cool idea this year in the build-up to the show, a race for payment, in which each of the racers has only one method of payment to get from London to Copenhagen. Incredibly the winner was the racer who could only use gold.  Fingers crossed this makes a comeback for Money 20/20 Vegas (psssst.. It has, and guess whose doing it with everyone’s favourite cryptocurrency? Head to our race page to see)

On a lighter note, what was up with that “men only” massage and hairdressing parlour? I came especially to Europe’s largest Payment and Fintech show specifically to get pampered.

So, there you are. Those were my highlights, I had such an incredible time in Copenhagen. I can’t wait to do it all again at Money 20/20 US in October. Viva Las Vegas!”

Back To The Office

Thank you, Amelie for sharing your thoughts on the event with all our fabulous readers. Speaking of events, with so many fantastic expos and conferences still to come this year, why not hit us up to see how we can help you with everything from exhibiting to speaking to sponsoring. Click here to get our digits.

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