Fintech investment is a big deal! In Q2 of 2017 alone UK Fintech firms raised $164 million from venture capitalists, adding to the $339 million that was invested in Q1.

Remember when we told you all the awesome ways to market yourself to Fintech investors? Well listen up, because now we are going to share with you the key investors we think you should be promoting yourself too.

Digital Currency Group

Firstly, we have Digital Currency Group, a US based investor group that incubates, builds and operates businesses. Specifically, they have a focus on the digital currency market. As a company, some of their subsidiaries include CoinDesk, Grayscale and Genesis Trading.

Corporate Venture Capital

Alternatively, start-ups looking to grow quickly are turning to corporate venture capital. This is when corporations invest funds directly into external start-ups to gain a specific competitive edge. For example, Santander InnoVentures. Lead by Santander, InnoVentures is a London based investment department that launched a £100 million fund in 2014, to get closer to disruptive firms. The trade-off is simple, Santander invest, you get the exposure and customer base that a leading bank offers, and they get to use your product to grow their market share over their competitors.

Corporate venture capital is when corporations invest funds directly into external start-ups to gain a specific competitive edge


Lastly, we have SpeedInvest. SpeedInvest is a European based investment fund with offices in Vienna, Silicon Valley and Munich. It is an open investment company, meaning all you need do is apply for their investment, which has a limit of up to €500,000. Then, they screen your application and analyse where you sit. Overall, this process takes 2 weeks, so within a fortnight you know if you are onto a winner. With a name like SpeedInvest you’d expect a speedy process, and that’s exactly what you get. The entire process takes no more than 3 months, which is super-fast in our opinion! Furthermore, SpeedInvest are responsible for some of the most innovative start-ups this year, including ClauseMatch, Loot and most importantly, Curve.

Year on year global growth rate for Fintech

In a market as saturated as finance, you need a kick-ass proposal to get you the gig. At Adastra, we have been coupling our marketing expertise with our extensive Fintech knowledge to help our clients achieve major investment. If you are ready to take your start-up to the next level, get in touch, and we can use our insight to get you on the road to investment, and most importantly, make you stand out from the crowd.

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