Interview with Biocryptology CEO Ted Oorbals

With identity and authentication set to play a major part in this year’s Money20/20 Europe agenda, we took the chance to sit down with one of the pioneers in bioauthentication, Ted Oorbals, CEO of Biocryptology to find out how biometrics is set to make passwords and pins a thing of the past.

First of all, tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a seasoned leader and strategist with a strong commercial and marketing background guided by a firm sense of communication. I am a real people person, a creative thinker, market-driven and focused on innovation.

You are the CEO of Biocryptology, can you tell us a little bit more about what they do?

Biocryptology’s mission is to eliminate identity fraud and to satisfy this demand with a Universal Identity Platform, which offers a complete identity verification solution for online and physical access.

No more usernames and passwords, smart cards, car keys, tokens and ID cards. Just one universal platform for convenient and secure access to an event, gym, car, property, cloud storage, websites, emails, online bank environments, and much more.

It is a single platform that serves all access management.

How would you explain your product to somebody who doesn’t know much about biometric technology?

We have created a very user-friendly experience that enables people to access websites and physical locations using just your phone.

What drew you to the world of biometrics and encouraged you to get involved with a company like Biocryptology?

What really enticed me was the innovation in the industry,  the solution we are providing to the public, and the disruptive nature and global potential that the platform has.

The chance to be part of a team that rids the world of username and passwords (because who doesn’t hate having to remember all of those) and the global ambition of the company is also really appealing.

You state that you want to “bring about a society free from identity fraud”, how does your technology overcome the security issues of traditional fingerprint ID systems?

Fingerprints or any other biometric is just one of our security layers. Therefore we are not just a biometric solution, our complete infrastructure and architecture of the platform make it the most scalable and agile platform in the market. Because of this, we have overcome the false acceptance rate and problems like central databases and the risk of losing biometric data during a hack. 

What are the advantages of the supplementary UP device?

This device is the most secure identification device on the market and can only be operated by its owner. With the UP it allows us to directly identify a person instead of an identity.

Do you think that biometrics will one day replace traditional passwords?

We are ready to do it now! It’s only a matter of time.

Biocryptology works both online and offline, how does the software work for the likes of credit cards/car keys/etc.?

We have created small receivers that can be placed at any location for physical access, and in the case of credit cards, our app and UP can communicate with any point of sale device. So, instead of using your pin code, you can use your phone or UP with your biometrics as confirmation of the transaction.

About Ted Oorbals

Currently, I am responsible for the international market launch of Biocryptology, the Universal Identity Platform for highly secure online and physical access control. For this purpose, I am looking for strong international partners in a variety of market sectors to join the revolution that we will create when launching to consumers at Money20/20 Europe on June 4th 2018 in Amsterdam, together with our brand ambassador, movie star Antonio Banderas.

At this moment my main focus is the international commercialisation through developing key collaborations and partnerships in order to offer our disruptive solution worldwide. My main priority and goal is to build the organisation, find first class professionals and source key partners to establish a leading position in various PMC’s, like hotels, property rentals, datacenters, hosting companies, consultancy firms, accountancy firms, system integrators, telco’s, loyalty systems, physical access providers, on-boarding solution providers, credit card companies and banks.

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