Event Information Webpage Checklist

Which events are you exhibiting at this year? Marketing and sales teams will have a planner on the wall, long to-do lists to prepare, and calendar reminders for team meetings in the run-up to the expo.

But… have you remembered to communicate everything clearly to your customers and prospects?

You’re going to need a good event info web page and Adastra is here with another useful event content marketing checklist to guide you through the must-have and good-to-have information to include.

Even though events are expensive marketing projects, you’d be surprised how many companies have incomplete information on their websites about their events, or even lack web pages covering them completely!

Another free event marketing checklist from Adastra? Yes please!

Don’t overlook the obvious

The research that went into this resource, and our observations from the fintech events world, show that businesses are commonly failing to publish complete enough information to promote their sponsorship of exhibitions, conferences, and awards.

It seems backwards to us that companies will spend sizeable mountains of cash just to attend an event, let alone be a prime sponsor, yet don’t put in that little bit of extra coordination with the marketing team that can make that investment all the more valuable.

It’s like buying a beetroot latte and just drinking it without reaching for Instagram! I know, preposterous!

But have no fear, the marketing team at Adastra are here to guide you through this simple, but often overlooked, marketing fundamental.

Included in our guide you will see range of examples of what to include when you communicate information about your event sponsorship on your websit. Copy and adapt our handy checklist so that when you’re making your events page you don’t overlook the things that everyone misses out.

A quick overview of what we consider ESSENTIAL information to include on your event web page:

  • A clear title, logo, date/time, and location
  • Proudly explain that you are an official sponsor, say where your booth is, and what you are exhibiting
  • Explain what the event is – i.e. why someone should care
  • Provide venue location / directions and how to book tickets to attend
  • Promote any talks / panels / competitions you are involved in
  • Include a call to action, e.g. book an appointment – and a way to do that
  • Make sure the page is friendly for mobile viewing and for social media sharing (featured image, title, description)

Even the best event info pages we found had lots of room for improvement, and we’ve included ideas in our further checklist of “good to haves”…

Enjoy and happy marketing!

The checklist can be viewed and downloaded in Google Docs here:

Event Marketing Agency Support

Adastra have extensive experience working with fintech and payments brands.

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