Payment Race – Day 2 (Columbus)

On Day 1 – 18th Oct, start of the race – I was at Sibos in Toronto, completing my challenge of interviewing conference delegates on the floor about Bitcoin.

I had in-depth conversations with:

I made my way over the border by Greyhound bus in the evening to Buffalo NY, and then onwards to Ohio.

Why Ohio?

All the racers had received a different Day 1 challenge and mine was to get to the Jack Nicklaus* Museum in Columbus, OH … and buy a souvenir… and take a selfie there including wearing an Ohio souvenir hat!

Don’t ask me why they picked that, but yeah that sounded like a challenge.

*Not Jack Nicholson although actually he is a big golfer as well.

Check out how my Day 2 worked out:

How the day unfolded on Twitter – @AmelieArras

The challenge:

Starbucks don’t accept Bitcoin (despite historical press stories) but the kind people there helped me out with life’s two vital ingredients, Wifi and Caffeine:


As you can see in the video I was helped out by a number of Bitcoin believers –


The challenge involved a lot of walking – yes, you can do this in American cities!

And eventually I got there:

After that some Bitcoin booking intervention from my previous interviewee Sergey got me safely in here for the night!

Bookmark our race page and follow the #M2020Race hashtag to see how all the other racers are doing too.

How did the other racers do on Day 1? Check out the official roundup:


Next: Day 3, Chicago!

Chichester to Toronto

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