Bitcoin Nightmares

So, bitcoin seems to be the talk of the town right now, with envious stories of bitcoin millionaires popping up all over the place. But Adastra, ever the optimist, are here to balance those rags-to-riches stories out with a collection of bitcoin nightmares, helping you feel better about that investment in bitcoin you were supposed to make, but never got around to. So, let’s get down to business.

Lost Hard Drives

This one’s a story as old as time – the old missing hard drive. This is for people who got into bitcoin waaaay before it was cool. It goes like this – someone buys thousands of bitcoin for next to nothing, fast forward to 2018 and you realise you’re sitting on a hard drive worth potentially millions… but where is it? This is exactly what happened to James Howells. He allegedly had 7,500 BTC on a hard drive which was thrown away and sent to the landfill – we just hope he hasn’t read the story about the Norwegian student who found a hard drive with $5m worth of bitcoin on it. Damn you Kristoffer.

Bitcoin Nightmare Luke Skywalker

Lily Allen

What’s a blogpost on bitcoin without a mention of Lily Allen?! The British singer turned down the opportunity to perform on the once-popular virtual world, Second Life, for “thousands of bitcoin”. There’ll be no smiles coming from the Allen camp regarding this bitcoin episode.

Bitcoin Nightmares Lily Allen Second Life

Pizza for 10,000 BTC

Here’s a true classic, and probably the highest profile bitcoin nightmare. There’s even a day named after it (Bitcoin Pizza Day). Once upon a time, when bitcoin was in its relative infancy, the currency was a bit of a novelty to many. Queue Laszlo Hanyecz who made a post on a popular bitcoin forum where he asked for someone to order him 2 pizzas for the bargain price of 10,000 BTC, a figure that, as of today, would be worth a whopping £77m. We just hope for your sake Laszlo, that it was a nice pizza.

Bitcoin Pizza Nightmare


Well we hope we’ve made you all feel a little bit better about the bitcoins you used to own, or never owned, or lost – don’t worry, we are just doing this to make ourselves feel better too!

If you have any bitcoin nightmares that you want us to share, leave them in the comments section or if you want to see the rest of our blog, click here.

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