Bitcoin Beginner or Crypto Cyberpunk?

Take our test and see how your knowledge stacks up..

Okay, so Bitcoin. It’s around and cropping up everywhere you look. The more you familiarize yourself with the concept of this crypto world, the more you notice its ever clear presence. The online currency is drastically stomping on the cash and coins and even making banks weak at the knees (albeit not massively, but certainly less stable) *wobble*

We see the appeal, benefits and if executed properly this can be a revelation in the Financial world as we know it.

Yes, I know, I am making big statements… where is the proof? Well, the proof I am assuming is with you as you are the one who has clicked on this test to beat the computer.

The computer, in this instance, is me. Give it a go, get 100% on this multiple answer test and feel like the ultimate BitBoss.

Shall we begin?

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